A Step-by-step Guide to Carding on a Gaming (poker) site.

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Here is how to do carding on any gaming site/website: If you need to withdraw money from a bank card that does not belong to you, you can do so with the help of a gaming website. This article’s algorithm is compatible with both credit and debit cards. The gaming site’s administration would have no reason to suspect anything is wrong because the procedure would appear completely natural. You would not give them any hints if you read this manual carefully and meticulously followed all of the instructions.

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Thousands of users have already tried this method and can confirm its outstanding reliability. However, before we get started, we need to prepare all the tools in advance. The starter kit is genuinely simple and comprises only 3 items:

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  • The card
  • A proxy
  • Any online game
online gambling
A Step-by-step Guide to Carding on a Gaming (poker) site. 3

The type of game does not matter. It might be backgammon, blackjack, or whatever. The only prerequisite is that the players should make bets with real cash, not bonus points or virtual coins.

A Step-by-Step Preparation Guide (Carding on a Gaming site)

To obtain the funds, one should stick to the subsequent algorithm:

  1. Choose a handy website. For instance, it might be http://www.pokerstars.com or any other project of this sort.
  2. Create two accounts there. One account would be yours. The other would belong to the owner of the stolen card. If you have several cards, create a separate account for each of them.
  3. Set up your VPN, socks, or proxy.

You can opt for any proxy or VPN you wish, there are no special requirements in this aspect. But there is one very important detail about the socks. When using socks, you must precisely indicate the country of the card owner’s residence. If this person is from the USA, you also need to indicate their state correctly.

After that, follow this link and acquire a new card for yourself. At the moment of writing this review, the prices varied from $20 to $450. You would need it to transfer funds that you “win” on the site. If you already have a reliable card, feel free to keep using it. but please make sure that it conforms to the anonymity standards. Never use those cards that you take to the supermarket with you and that feature your name on them.

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Now, We Are Coming Close to the Cashout Process

You need to log in simultaneously to both accounts that you have just created. You can do it yourself from two different browsers or devices. Otherwise, you can ask a friend who is aware of what you do to join you — this might accelerate the gameplay.

You need to be able to consciously select your opponent. Some sites appoint random opponents to users — of course, this would not work for us.

Also, many platforms feature the free demo mode and automatically offer it to newbies. Discard this offer, top up both your accounts with real cash and start playing.

Your opponent (that is, the ex-owner of the card) needs to place large bets. You, on the contrary, do not need to have a large sum on your gaming account at all. Just top it up with $10 and this would be enough.

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If both accounts start to play all-in, they will put all their funds at stake. There should be a corresponding button somewhere in the interface. For serious gambling, that would be a reckless choice. But for carding, it is just spot-on.

The essence of the game boils down to a remarkably simple principle: your opponent should be constantly losing. All the funds from your gaming account would be transferred to yours. After that, you will need to cash out—that is, send these funds to the card that you have recently acquired.

Be aware that many gaming platforms have restrictions on withdrawals. If one hits a big win, they would not allow the lucky player to send all the sum to their bank account in one go. They would ask you to split it into several transactions. Plus, they might ask you to verify your personality by submitting a scan of your ID, passport, or driving license. When choosing a gaming site, you should check their withdrawal limits in advance and get to know their verification policy. Like this, you would avoid surprises when cashing out the winnings.


As you see, the scheme is genuinely simple. One does not need to be a geek to resort to it. When using socks, the most sensitive aspect of the scheme is indicating the correct geographic location of the stolen card owner. Also, you need to double-check that the gaming site allows players to select their opponents and that bets are made with real cash. If you still have any questions after reading this article, feel free to contact us and we will gladly consult you. That’s all for carding on any gaming site.

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