4 Ways to Check Your Credit Card if is Dead or Alive

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How to Check Your Credit Card if is Dead or Live: After going through our carding tutorials for beginners – the next step is to start carding. One important step is to know if the credit card is live or dead using a credit card checker and other methods as included in this brief tutorial.

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One mistake you must know is that many websites will tell you that they help to check live or dead credit cards, but they only want to get your CC information and card it before you even do it.

Because a credit card is the most critical tool to have in your possession when carding. You can’t card anything without it. Due to the paucity of credit cards and bank logs, you may find yourself visiting a website that sells credit cards to buy.

Check if your credit card is still alive
4 Ways to Check Your Credit Card if is Dead or Alive 3

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Most of the time, you are given a dead credit card with its information, or you are lucky and obtain one that is still alive. However, instead of purchasing from random websites, I propose that you obtain this information directly from your clients or a reliable carding store.

Different Status of Credit Cards

After purchasing a credit card from a website, you can find it in one of two states. It could be a live or a dead credit card but if you decide to buy from us the professional spammers you should worry no more because we sell out these cards after checking their statusee. For the purpose of this tutorial let’s proceed.

Live CC

A live CC is a credit card that you have the complete details {CC fullz, half CC fullz), and it’s still being used in active transactions.

Dead CC

A dead Credit Card comes with invalid details. In most cases, the fullz information does no longer exist or the credit card company has blocked ? the card.

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However, there is no way of knowing whether the credit card is alive or dead, thus you must utilise a credit card checker. We have numerous methods for confirming so that we can investigate our best possibilities.

Check your Credit Card if is alive or Dead {Credit Card Checker}

Method 1

First, you have to download and open skype.

Open and visit Bin Checker.

The Bin; is the bank identity number, and it is the first four to six numbers on a credit card. These numbers aid in identifying the institution that issued the card in your possession, which aids in matching transactions to the credit card’s issuer.

  • Update your Billing address to reflect your CC Fullz.
  • Now check for your bin. In my own example, let’s say I use 558123.
  • Scroll down, you will see a bank phone number. In this example, let’s use +1-800-395-3599 (Chase Bank).
  • Call the phone number using Skype (It is a toll-free call).
  • An automatic robot will instruct you to fill in your card no, CVV, all by skype.

If you hear the robot reading out the card balance to you, then it means the credit card is live. If not, it means the card is dead.

Method 2

Visit any adlt site which promotes premium videos. There are options like brazzer.com or pornhub (I believe you know these websites).

  • Click on sign-up and become a member
  • Choose a subscription model.
  • Fill in your details, including your credit card details
  • If you get payment successful, it shows that your credit card is alive.
  • If your subscription got cancelled, then it shows that your credit card is dead.

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Method 3

  • Go to Amazon Alexa
  • Click on 7 day free trial
  • Input credit card Fullz details
  • Enter credit card information (Card number, expiry date, and CVV).

If the credit card is active, you will be able to begin the 7-day trial period. If the credit card is no longer valid, you will receive a “declined card” warning.

Method 4


This App checks the validity of the Credit Card / Debit Card Number. It supports all major Credit Card & Debit Cards brands such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diner’s Club, JCB & Voyager.

The algorithm used to process is the Luhn algorithm. This application does not collect, store and especially will not send entered card number.

Supported Card Types:

  • -Visa
  • -Mastercard
  • -Amex
  • -Dankort
  • -Discover
  • -JCB
  • -Switch/Solo

Download the android app “Credit Card Verifier

  • Install the App
  • Open the credit card verifier
  • Input credit card details
  • Run the check and get the status of the credit card.

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#Check If Your Credit Card is Active or dead

#Know if Your Credit Card is Dead or Still Alive

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