Sometimes we all need a little extra TLC but you must understand that we are very busy doing our work.

We’re always here to support you in case of a problem with your order, however; do not ask us for discounts as they are only reserved for regulars and not for first-time buyers, if you can’t afford it please move on.



Before you contact us make sure that you have gone through our “FAQs” and “Help & Support Pages” this will ensure that your questions and queries are unique and haven’t been answered already!

You must also agree “NOT” to contact us about:

#1. Partnerships, we have a dedicated vendor partnership program for that, and all interested parties must go through that.

#2. Offering to be our “Runner/Picker/Mule”

# 3. Mentorships, as we have a dedicated list for that.

#4. To say sorry for violating our terms of service

#5. Request services or items for free.

#6. Discounts, unless you’re our loyal customer who has bought items for over $500 in your account’s lifetime, we have no discounts for our new customers.

#7. To say “Hi” “Hello” “Thanks” and so on, there’s a dedicated feedback section for that and you must go through it for a review, to get a cashback photo is required for “Carded Items” only, you will get your cashback by just leaving regular feedback for all other purchased item

#8. To inquire about or discuss your existing order first use our “Telegram Live Chat” feature, and look for the information in any footer of our C.O.E page. C

However, if you are not satisfied   with the response you have   received from our live chat,   WhatsApp, or Telegram customer   support then feel free to contact   us using the form below: 

We value your suggestions.


Before contacting us go through our “Help & Support” pages to see if your questions has been answered already!








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Thank you for your understanding!